Some words of wisdom from Woody Allen.


Heres another redesigned film poster, this time for Duncan Jones' amazing 'Moon' staring Sam Rockwell as the lonely man in the moon. Again a slightly more graphic style than usual, but I wanted to give the poster a classic sci-fi feel.This was a good piece to get me warmed up again after my relaxing holiday.
Its good to be back!

Here are a few snaps from my holiday in the south of France with my family and my girl Marty.
I had a great time, feeling completely refreshed, relaxed and inspired. 
Back to work!


 I recently saw Almodovar's new film 'The Skin I Live In' and thought it was one of his best films and one of the most unique films of this summer. I've been doing a lot of character stuff recently so I decided to work on something a bit more graphic, and here is the result. I really enjoyed working in this way again so expect some more movie posters!


Went to see Super 8 last week and thought it was Super gr8! (sorry) Great characters, great nostalgic feel, great jumps and of course loads of lens flair!
I wanted to see if I could capture the feel of the film and its characters in a illustration and this is the result.


With all the posters for 'Cowboy & Aliens' in London at the moment, I've had the wild west on my brain during my travels. 
This started as a sketch and an idea for a classic western story. I would love to try my hand at making a short comic book using these characters and a classic cowboy narrative some time in the future.