Hello All!
I cant believe its already been a year since I started working as an illusrtator and animator. In whole it has been a really good year, I’ve learnt loads and had a lot of valuable experiences.
Now its time to take things to the next level and what better way to do this than with a new Tumblr blog to replace the old Blogspot. The old blog served me well and it is sad to say good bye but its time for a refresh! 
You can find the new blog here!


Lovely feature on Little Black Book online, about me being signed to Jelly! Thanks a lot to the guys at Jelly for getting me out there!

You can read the full feature here.


Here are some Batman & Robin character designs I've been working on, I wanted to give these iconic characters a go using my own style and treatment. I like to think if I ever go the change to make a Batman animated series this would be what it would look like.


I'm currently on a bit of a super hero trip, Ive recently read Rick Remender's run on Uncanny X-Force, which had amazing art by Jerome Opena and great characters!

I was inspired to do my own version of one of Opena's covers. I wanted to have a go a drawing the characters in my style but retain a similar energy to the original. 


Avengers Assemble! As a long time avengers fanboy I couldn't believe they finally made it to film, and better yet it is actually good! To show how much I appreciated Jos Whedon not ruining my teenage heroes I decided to make this image. It was inspired by the bright and bold nature of the film as well as the my favourite comic book artist Darwyn Cooke.


Chinatown inspired image...


As of today I officially represented by the lovely guys at Jelly!
This is realy exiting and I cant wait to get my teeth stuck into some new projects!